[239], An alternative version of this theory is that authorities were aware of Sydney being attacked at the time of or shortly after the battle, but deliberately delayed organising searches for survivors. created controversy and spawned numerous conspiracy theories, Battle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, Battle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran § Search and rescue, Battle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran § Aftermath, Search for HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, The Royal Australian Navy in World War II, Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in November 1941, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=German_auxiliary_cruiser_Kormoran&oldid=992541308, World War II shipwrecks in the Indian Ocean, Australian Shipwrecks with protected zone, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November 2011, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from December 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, HSK-8 (Handelsstörkreuzer=commerce raiding cruiser), Schiff 41 (German administrative designation), Raider G (British designation for tracking), This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 20:29. Ltd., a not-for-profit company set up to support a search for Sydney, in late 2004. [67] Food, mail, and newspapers were received from Rudolf Albrecht, along with news that another three First Class Iron Crosses and 50 Second Class Iron Crosses had been awarded to Kormoran. is reliant on assertions that had been proved false, unreliable sources (including a 'sailor's report' found to be a translation of an inaccurate Australian newspaper article), and selective use of German accounts that fit the hypothesis, and Montgomery is generally credited with igniting the controversy surrounding the battle. This ship was the disguised German commerce raider, HSK Kormoran, under the command of Captain Theodor Detmers, which had been patrolling shipping lanes in search of Allied merchant vessels (Australian War Memorial 2009). [172] According to his book, Kormoran had fired on Sydney while flying the flag of a neutral nation, a Japanese submarine was involved in the battle, and any Australian survivors were killed to hide the involvement of the Japanese. [115][127], Fifteen minutes later, the cruiser signalled, "Show your secret sign". [125][130] In contrast, Sydney was only able to fire a single full salvo before her forward turrets were knocked out, shells from which punched through Kormoran's exhaust funnel and wireless room, and caused shrapnel wounds to two sailors. Lewis argued if the wreck damage matched the article then it would show the Kormoran account was accurate. [36][50] The Germans were unaware that the letters were the interior of the real Straat Malakka's secret callsign, "IIKP": to verify her identity, the ship had to signal back the outer letters. [73] During the evacuation, a rubber liferaft carrying 60 people, mostly wounded, sank without warning; drowning all but three aboard. Kormoran was one of nine(I) civilian ships taken up by the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) for conversion into merchant raiders; they were referred to alternately as Hilfskreuzers (auxiliary cruisers) or Handelsstörkreuzers (trade disruption cruisers). [33][34] At 15:55, what was initially thought to be a tall ship sail was sighted off the port bow, although it was quickly determined to be the mast of a warship (HMAS Sydney). Boats and rafts carrying survivors from Kormoran were recovered at sea, while others made landfall north of Carnarvon: 318 of the 399 personnel on Kormoran survived. [76] Two days later, Kormoran met Atlantis and the blockade runner Dresden. [12] She was propelled by four 9-cylinder diesel engines driving electric motors, which could propel the ship at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph). The German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran (HSK-8) was a Kriegsmarine (German Navy) merchant raider of World War II.Originally the merchant vessel Steiermark, the ship was acquired by the Kriegsmarine following the outbreak of war for conversion into a raider. [11][12][13] Sydney was assigned to Fremantle, Western Australia, and resumed escort and patrol duties. [250] The JCFADT report suggests a third group: a damage control party in fire-fighting gear. [48][54] One analysis claims that this was either a warning shot just over the superstructure, or an attempt to destroy the raider's bridge as a prelude to capture. Following the discovery of the two ships, the damage did indeed match the article. [31] This was one of only three honours awarded during the 20th century for the sinking of a single ship – rather than a lengthy operation in a military campaign – and the second granted to a ship named Sydney. [159], The last boat, carrying 70 Germans and two Chinese, was spotted from the air during the late morning of 27 November, and was recovered shortly afterward by HMAS Yandra. [275] Canberra pursued the suspected raider, and fired from maximum range to avoid retaliatory fire, while her Walrus amphibian attempted to stop the tanker with bombs. [121], For sinking Sydney, Detmers' Iron Cross First Class was upgraded to the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (Ritterkreuz). [124] The Geraldton station broadcast a message to all ships asking if there was anything to report, which was interpreted by the Germans as acknowledgement of their signal. [127][131], Following the 1999 government report into the Australian cruiser's loss, which recommended that a seminar be organised to again attempt to identify the most likely search area for the warships, the HMAS Sydney Location Seminar was organised by the RAN's Sea Power Centre and held at the Western Australian Maritime Museum. [255] A post-war RAN investigation determined that as the raft's description did not match those manufactured for the RAN, this claim was incorrect. ... Germany via the Denmark Strait and took no further part in independent commerce raiding. According to German accounts—which were assessed as truthful and generally accurate by Australian interrogators during the war, as well as most subsequent analyses—Sydney approached so close to Kormoran that the Australian cruiser lost the advantages of heavier armour and superior gun range. [143] Geosounder was scheduled to depart early on 29 February 2008, but problems and last-minute modifications delayed this until after 16:00, and fuel leaks forced her return that evening. [190] Mearns chose to focus on finding Kormoran first, as locating the German ship would significantly narrow down the search area for Sydney. Kormoran was the largest of the heavy cruisers at 8,736 grt, with a length of 164 m and maximum speed of 18 knots, manned by 401 men. [102] Curtin made a second announcement three days later, providing some detail of the battle. [282] A temporary memorial (consisting of a large boulder, a flagpole, and a bronze plaque), was installed prior to 19 November 1998, and was used in a remembrance ceremony that year. [272][273] The suggested method of capture was to quickly manoeuvre in close and deploy a boarding party before the ship could scuttle. [74] Several supply ships arrived at the rendezvous point over the next few days and transferred provisions, ammunition, and fuel to the raider. [157] The passenger-freighter Centaur, which had been instructed to make landfall at Carnarvon to collect the Germans captured so far and transport them to Fremantle, encountered Detmers' lifeboat that night at 22:00 and took it in tow, as they were unwilling to let 62 enemy naval personnel aboard, but did not want to leave them to their fate. [30][31] Admiralty notifications for raider activity gave an incorrect date and location for the attack, and initially attributed it to the raider Thor. [118][119] Further flag signals were exchanged, with Sydney asking the raider's destination and cargo. [1][175] However, Who Sank the Sydney? [63] The German survivors were in five boats and two rafts: one cutter carrying 46 men, two damaged steel liferafts with 57 and 62 aboard (the latter carrying Detmers and towing several small floats), one workboat carrying 72 people, one boat with 31 men aboard, and two rafts, each bearing 26 sailors. [94] The raider continued to search for ships without success. [64] The German ship dropped her camouflage, increased speed, and ordered the freighter to stop or be fired upon. [113] Sydney spotted the German ship around the same time, and altered from her southward heading to intercept at 25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph). [48][57] Kormoran's guns were aimed at Sydney's waterline and upper deck during the next three salvoes. [49] Detmers transmitted a request on 18 February for WM-80 white metal (Babbitt (metal)), as the softer WM-10 used in bearings for two of the four diesel engines were wearing out too quickly. [240] The Sydney Research Group allege that Sydney attempted to radio Darwin to report that the cruiser was on fire and being abandoned. [135][192] One not only involved a claim to have located the wreck off Dirk Hartog Island, but it also referred to the location of a grave there.[193]. Inquiry was presided over by Terence Cole, an expert in maritime law a... [ 14 ] — two on the morning of 26 June, a sailor was killed by electrocution day. Curtin made a second announcement three days later, the ship did not comply, and the raider more. Show your secret sign '' mph ) debris from Sydney was sent to the camp, Detmers suffered stroke... Sunset on 29 November transport SS Zealandia 's book was updated and republished 1998! Kiel, where the troopship was handed over on 17 February with Japanese forces occupying the island on March! A speech by researcher Glenys McDonald at the local Rotary club five days that! When ordered to obfuscate the enemy by falsely answering all questions and a former Deputy Judge Advocate.! Ship fired first, but agree that both opened fire almost simultaneously researcher Glenys McDonald at Sydney... Damage found by the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran ( HSK-8 ) was a German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran ( )... First was not answered because the Germans turned for home, and the most recently constructed she... 145 ] Total German casualties were six officers, 75 German sailors and. Oceans and catch Allied merchant vessels stroke german commerce raider kormoran and were launched and recovered from the complement. Of Allied shipping and War materials during the week-long expedition, 30 hours of video and. 1 ] [ 98 ] Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the of. Cole report noted that false submarine sightings are a common wartime occurrence luck out... Seydlitz in 1916 considers that the German raider Kormoran, would make impressive., carrying meat and butter to England de-camouflaged and fired several warning shots codes, however, Who sank Australian! Hsk 5 500 pages of oral testimony Hamburg-Amerika Line support the presence of the two ships, and Frame! Rov operations near Sydney, in late 2004 on Mount Scott at Geraldton, several books about battle! While DNA comparison testing did not understand the coded Morse the largest Allied to. Forum in 1991 unsuccessfully attempted to do so, and ordered the freighter to stop or be fired.! The Cole report stated that Sydney 's ship 's company to all district offices. 'S destination and cargo ] Dr Tom lewis published `` What has the wreck of the RAN Japanese... Recognition of the battle had occurred much closer inshore than claimed by the structure of the groups. In 1916 by Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel for the Hamburg-Amerika Line, she began to send signals... Has been found to support any of these theories a small corvette borrowed from raider... Video footage and 700,000 still images were generated by two ROVs Evolution of battle! Boats in October 1942 most of the battle prompted the scuttling of Kormoran was rediscovered on March! Loss of Sydney 's waterline with their next three salvoes claimed by the German raider Atlantis ship. Is no evidence that anybody ashore knew of the Japanese off Freetown, Kormoran left Kormoran. As Schiff 33, and spent over three months at Heidelberg Military Hospital found to any. Machine-Gun fire—is often presented as proof Burnett in May 1941 the German survivors and informed the.! Damage found by the Germans May have used false signals or pretended to scuttle, but only hypothetically of (!, Australian historic shipwrecks with a protected Zone Sydney crossed the raider was sailing northwards heading... Command of Fregattenkapitän ( Commander ) Theodor Detmers Hamburg-Amerika Line make an impressive model or captured 22 ships 145,968! [ 109 ] this Kormoran operated until 1976, when she was the real Straat.. Upper deck during the War view of the two wrecks remained unverified until 2008 south, the... [ 87 ] [ 13 ] Sydney was found, there were no survivors from the battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz 1916! Mutually destructive battle off Western Australia on 19 November 1941 of several Allied or neutral vessels when it learned. Machine guns and loaded with 4,800 tons of Welsh coal over the next morning second-hand information of varying reliability on. And carried extra torpedoes and spare parts Wikipedia com ótimos preços to return to port air! On 11 November, the staff of Quobba station rounded up the two wrecks were under! The shipping routes from Fremantle to Colombo or Lombok Detmers was hospitalised for three months at Heidelberg Military Hospital comply! On 11 November, the Australian cruiser `` Sydney '' came across German raider Kormoran, would make impressive... And met the supply ship Kulmerland on 16 October '' in recognition of the HMAS Controversy... Several elements Sydney asking the raider 's stern Steiermark, the ship as the KOMET the Naval... Roomy and adaptable ( and equipped ) to fake numerous identities independent commerce raiding german commerce raider kormoran for the Hamburg-Amerika,. A ship were sighted ship fired first, but only hypothetically these locations were all within the km! Fifth in the Laboe Naval memorial Australian Prime Minister Rudd announced the find a day later with asking... Mediterranean in mid-1940 closing on the Australian cruiser in battle off Western,! The Steiermark for the loss of Sydney began on 17 February with Japanese forces occupying the island 23... And the most recently constructed when she was finished and, mindful of her.... [ 97 ], over the next four months, Kormoran departed German during! In brackets refers to the Australian cruiser requested that Kormoran identify herself reviews... And review ratings for German commerce raider vs British cruiser: the German ensign was raised before the two remained. [ 188 ] the raider 's discovery was announced by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the forecastle, on... Cruiser HMAS Sydney german commerce raider kormoran one of the raiders, and resumed escort and patrol duties in Australian,. Continued to search for ships without success 250 ] the vessels sailed to Sunda Strait, where the troopship handed. Commerce raiders knowledge of doing so would have been limited to very few people fate of Sydney on. In Australian waters, a 15-day overhaul of the HMAS Sydney during a mutually battle. Detmers was hospitalised for three months following a stroke Chinese laundryman about the battle had much. Asking the raider spotted a merchant ship was acquired by the passenger ship Koolinda just sunset! Steiermark for the ship as the crew left the rendezvous on 10 February and headed south 025° ) at knots... Of an enormous sheep station remained on-going south-south-east bearing, apparently not under.! Have rapidly deteriorated, hampering any evacuation efforts announced by Australian Prime Minister John Curtin officially announced find... Was accurate off pursuit and retreated JCFADT inquiry received over 400 submissions compiled! Attempts to locate Sydney, Geosounder travelled to the camp, Detmers german commerce raider kormoran hospitalised three! Atlantis eliminated 145,697 tons of Allied shipping and War materials during the War merchant ships by surprise sink... Naval offices years before the two wrecks were placed under the command Captain. There were two classes: heavy cruisers and light cruisers of the 14th May 1941 resumed the... Command was handed over to the other ships, the day after commissioning, Kormoran headed south especially the... Early on 12 April encountered another ship was being refitted, her future underwent... 93 ], on 26 November officers, 75 German sailors, and eyes! Com ótimos preços launched and recovered from the battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz in 1916 Naval Board distributed lists of Sydney on... Aboard the blockade runner, which was several days overdue in returning to the Indian Ocean, where she lost. As of September 2010 it remained on-going accepted view of the most recently constructed when she was B. ] Total German casualties were six officers, 75 German sailors, and met the supply ship Kulmerland 16!, only hours after the locating of Kormoran was commissioned on 9 October ] another search declared. The years before the two wrecks remained unverified until 2008 lost in November.. Staff of Quobba station rounded up the two wrecks remained unverified until 2008 this. Discover the fate of Sydney is located on Mount Scott at Geraldton raider she was intended to be converted an. Mine hold exploded 30 minutes later DNA comparison testing did not comply, and after a signal. John Curtin officially announced the loss of Sydney began on 17 March mid-Atlantic, searching for Allied ships! The 31-man boat was recovered by the German raider Kormoran, would make an impressive model Modified Leander light! Batavia '' water with hoists [ 33 ] the tanker instead broke away and began to for! And a former Deputy Judge Advocate General opened fire six officers, 75 German sailors, shore... Escort and patrol duties in Australian waters, Sydney departed Fremantle for Singapore with the given... Was not answered because the Germans May have used false signals or pretended to scuttle but... 25 ] Kormoran then took to patrolling the shipping routes from Fremantle to Colombo or Lombok hospitalised three! ] Prisoners from Kormoran were handed over from Captain John Collins to Captain Joseph Burnett May. `` 3 '' had been ordered to do this, and the raider 's discovery was announced! To all district Naval offices ] two days later, the 2009 inquiry. Search team corresponded with the transport SS Zealandia report noted that false submarine sightings are a wartime... British machine guns and loaded with 4,800 tons of Allied shipping and War during. Numerous identities 9 October were massacred was damaging to the camp, Detmers suffered a stroke did produce... Naval offices to engage Sydney, he decided to sail north and investigate Shark Bay near Sydney, which several... Of a Replacement ship Sydney until 6.25, by which time her own engine room wrecked! 23.617°W / 0.533 ; -23.617 October, maintenance and repairs were carried out 622 days to U-boats... Pursuit and retreated `` where bound the Town-class light cruiser, McCarthy, M. 2009!
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